Sun Smart Centre
Platypus Playcare is a Sun Smart Centre.

Wide brimmed hats and T-shirts with the centres logo embroidered and printed on them are available to order from the centre. Please see the Centre Director for an order form.

Our policy regarding outside play and activities is as follows:
  • No hat, no play (if children have no hat, they will not be permitted to participate in outdoor play)
  • Children and staff are required to wear a broad brimmed hat.
  • Children are required to wear a sleeved T-shirt. Singlet tops are not recommended.
  • Sunscreen is to be applied every time the children are outside and reapplied at the required time (depending on the brand of sunscreen).

Children are encouraged to extend on their self-help skill by applying their own sunscreen (age appropriate). However, parents are encouraged to place sunscreen on their child before departing the centre and staff members also assist children to ensure complete coverage.

Healthy Eating
We encourage healthy eating within our centre; therefore it is asked parents/carers keep this in mind when packing your child’s lunch.

Here are a few convenient and healthy lunch box ideas:
Morning Tea
Two (2) pieces of fruit (banana, apple, pear, strawberries etc)
Sandwiches or wraps (meat, vegemite, salad etc)
Cheese & biscuits
Pasta or rice dishes
Last night’s leftovers
Sultanas & Apricots (dried fruit)
Muffin Pizzas
Carrot, Celery & Capsicum pieces
Tin Spaghetti or Baked Beans

The following foods are
NOT accepted as healthy foods and we ask they be kept for treats at home only:
  • Chocolates
  • Chips
  • Lollies
  • Sweet biscuits
  • Roll Ups
  • Nuts and nut products including but not limited to, Peanut Butter, Nutella, Cashews, Satays.
Water is always preferred for a drink for your child. Cordials and soft drinks are not accepted at this centre.

Nut Free Centre
Platypus Playcare is a Nut Free Centre. Although you may be certain your child does not have an allergy to nuts, as we have children attending from six (6) months of age it is vital other children attending the centre are not exposed to any nuts or nut products as they may still develop an allergy to these.