PPC Enrolments

Hello, and welcome to Platypus Playcare!

We are pleased to have you and your family as part of ours. We offer a safe, secure and fun environment for your child to play, grow and learn.

We believe a positive and open relationship with families is a vital key in providing a positive experience for your child; therefore we will work together with families to provide an environment in which your child will feel comfortable and safe.

A close link between parents / carers and staff can only benefit children. Events in family life, such as a new baby, visits from family and / or friends, death of a relative, friend or pet can have a major effect on a child. It is helpful to staff and to your child to share these events and to establish an open relationship with your child’s carers.

We provide a place of care where your child has access to active, play-based learning, where children have access to developmentally appropriate resources. A strong emphasis on children engaging with the environment and being able to exercise choices which match their interests and capabilities.

We are a community based, non-profit organisation whom receives funding from the Office for Early Childhood Education and Care to assist in the running of the centre.
The centre also relies heavily on the fundraising efforts of the committee and the community along with the fees gained from the families attending the service.

We are positive your child will enjoy their time here with us and look forward to sharing time with you and your family as well. We offer an open invitation to families to play an active role in the centre and input to our programming.

If you have any further inquiries or require any further information, please do not hesitate to speak to the centre’s Director.


Julie McEvoy